Monday, August 12, 2013

Chicago - Pictures, Dresses, Rocks

I'm only two weeks late in catching up with BlogHer13 - this must be a record!

My sister and I loved the view from our room in the Sheraton.

We had an afternoon to spare, and we were joined by new friend Catherine McCord of Weelicious (awesome recipes and cooking videos,) so we strolled through Millenium Park, where some giant art rocks caught my eye.

This one was my favorite. Polka dots!

The Art Institute of Chicago was hosting a stunning exhibition: Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity

My favorite period of art and my second favorite period of historic fashion, all in the same gallery.

(This photo from the NY Times article linked below.)

It was quite the legendary collection assembled, including A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte and Paris Street: Rainy Day.  We've all seen them so many times in reproduction that it took a moment for it to sink in - this is the real thing! While I assumed La Grande Jatte was loaned, it actually belongs to the permanent collection of the Institute.

Next to many of the painting were displays of period gowns (and a few suits) closely resembling those in the artwork.  A few times, the gown was the actual item painted.

I also liked how the rest of the museum got in the act too.  The library had a display of Godey's Lady's Books and other fashion periodicals open to pages of fabulous gowns.  There were other displays as well, but we didn't have time to investigate.

Later, I found some articles that described how the exhibit came into being.  It was designed by a Chicago curator partnering with the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, where it opened  first, then moved to the Met in New York, and next Chicago. We had a splendid time and I bought the exhibit book to take home, especially since they didn't allow any photographs in the exhibition.

Side note: Oddly enough, when I arrived home from Chicago and I re-opened my suitcase, I discovered that TSA had rifled through it, and of all things, they had opened up the shrink wrap protecting the book.  Fortunately, nothing was damaged, but who knew that the TSA loves vintage gowns?!  I hope they enjoyed the peek, because the photos are beautiful.


Bob said...

It's amazing to see Sunday Afternoon on the Island in such large scale. Breath taking-awesome.

mayberry said...

I need to make a point of getting to Chicago for that exhibit. Wish I had been able to go with you!