Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chicago Oddities

Before I depart the Chicago topic entirely, here are a few more things.

We walked past the Chicago Tribune building several times and I noticed some odd stones sticking on of the fascade.

Further inspection showed that each stone had a matching engraving, apparently designating its origin.  Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Trondheim Cathedral in Norway.  The Alamo in Texas.  Really?  Did the founder of the Tribune scoop these up while trotting around the world, perhaps carrying a pickaxe? 

On the trip between the hotel and convention center, we passed this really odd structure.  It looked like a flying saucer had landed on the Parthenon.  It turns out that this is the highly controversial new design of Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears football stadium.  I think the blurriness of my picture adds to the "UFO in a tabloid" effect.

We walked through the multi-story American Girl store on the way to the Lego store (no cool Chicago exclusives, so we didn't bring anything home,) and were suitable impressed with the empire.

And of course, the Minions are everywhere, even decorating solar trash compactors on the Magnificent Mile.

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mayberry said...

Even Owen likes the AG store! It is impressive, and so handy that it's right by the Lego store.