Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BlogHer13 People

One of the best parts of BlogHer is meeting friends, old and new.

Reunited with fourth grade friend, Mir!  She gave a great talk at the "Speaking Out" panel, showing the power of community in Tamponpalooza.

Stimey brought Algernon, of course, and my sister and I were glad to see both of them.

We shared a pizza at Gino's East with Cheeky Attitude and enjoyed catching up with her crafty adventures through the weekend.

I finally got to see Blondie again, after missing her entirely in New York last year. (Photo stolen from her blog.)

There were many terrific speakers, and Sheryl Sandberg was the tops.

Afterwards, I got to catch up with Lisa Stone and share my Lean In declaration: What would I do if I were not afraid?  I could leave the team that I love and take on a new role to learn and grow. (More on that next week!)


Bob said...

Meeting friends you admire and people that you love, what a fun/enjoyable/knowledge and self-esteem-improving trip.

Mir said...

Always great to see you! I still wish I'd had time to mention the Hello Kitty goodies during our panel. ;)