Monday, July 01, 2013

Very Fast, Around and Around

We spent Friday night at the local velodrome, watching cyclists zoom around the steeply banked track on their fixed gear bikes.

SwingDaddy rides there regularly, but this weekend was a special event, attracting some names.

The three women in the matching blue team jerseys were pros - one had national champion stripes on her sleeve and another had world champion stripes.

Track cycling is just about the only flavor of bike racing where you can see the whole darn race instead one minute's worth while the athletes zip by.  We had a great time!

(And no, we hadn't intended to be so matchy-matchy.  This is what happens when everyone is allowed to dress themselves, and we don't notice until we're walking out the door that apparently the top shirt on everyone's t-shirt pile was the same color.)

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Bob said...

Yay, all matched by their own selection.