Saturday, July 06, 2013

Patriotic Cake

Our Fourth of July cake!

Although to be completely, accurate, it was a 5th of July cake because I completely forgot to prep the meringue the night before.  (Don't you hate recipes that begin, "The previous evening, you should have already . . .?")

When I was in Scandinavia in May, celebrating a big national holiday with my colleague and his family, he baked meringue, topped with cream and berries, and I thought - hey, I could do this!  I arranged the berries a bit differently of course, for the Stars and Stripes.

We were not without cake on the 4th though.  The boys wanted a Minion cake, and I pondered exactly how to construct it.  The little yellow minions are so like Twinkies, it seemed like the right place to start, but Twinkies don't come back on the market until later in July. I managed to find some Twinkie knock-offs, added candy eyes and blue frosting, and voila!

To make a shorter minion, I sliced a section out of the middle and frosted him back together again.  Q-ster watched me do it, and declared that I was "the most creative-ist mom ever!"   So, so pleased to make my boys happy.

And yes, we've made a new blog category for minions, because they seem here to stay.


Bob said...

Oh! Oh creative indeed.
This will be copied all over.
Sale of Twinkies will sky rocket when they come back.

mayberry said...

Definitely creative! The Twinkies marketing people should take note.

We did a strawberry-rhubarb pie for the 4th and the kids cut out stars in the top layer of the pie crust.

Asianmommy said...

Love these! Good thing Twinkies are coming back.