Monday, July 22, 2013

Orlando - Water, Water

We spent the first day in Orlando in a nice low key style.  We joined Ryan's parents, his sister and her her family at the pool (Buster enjoyed the twisting, spiraling waterslide immensely), and then we strolled around Downtown Disney with the intention of getting dinner.

The boys and their cousins admired a giant Lego Loch Ness Monster, much like the one that used to grace San Diego Legoland.

Shortly after, the skies opened up and rain dropped to the ground in a way that we Californians never see. Thunder, lightning, the works.  Q-ster pretended to be unamused, but we were all mighty pleased that we had rain jackets.

Back at the hotel, I unpacked new travel tooth brush packs for the boys.

The toothbrushes had little suction cups, which held them off the counter nicely, and also made it look like they were conversing with each other.

And this is kind of geeky, but I remembered how difficult it was to dry eight swimsuit pieces (tops and bottoms for all four of us) on the shower curtain rod from our April trip, so I brought plastic hangers with us this time.  While the clothes were still really drippy, I hung them on the clothesline (with clothespins to hold the hangers apart, since the gear was so heavy that the clothesline drooped.)  After they dried out enough to not drip on the bathroom floor, I moved them back to the shower curtain rod.

I wouldn't have normally bothered with the hangers, but since we had a lot of free suitcase space, I figured why not. Everything dried out nicely in time for the next adventure.


Asianmommy said...

Smart idea--I'm always running out of hangers when we travel.

Bob said...

How clever, using clothes pins to separate the swim suits. And that you brought them with you.