Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Orlando - More Cousins, Water Park

I love how tech savvy the little crew is.  They each have their own devices, but Vi has captured everyone's attention with her app.

We went to the very impressive Disney Typhoon Lagoon, which has a massive wave pool in the center.  Across the park, you could hear the PHOOOMP of the waves being set off, followed by wailing and screaming.

Not many photos, since we rented a locker for all the valuables.  I joked that the "FindFriends" app was not so useful when all the iPhones were in the same locker.  "My friends are here with me in the dark, in this locker."

We had rain every afternoon, but the only time all week we were really caught and battered by a torrential rainstorm was this day, when were were all in swimsuits and water shoes anyway.

The children tucked themselves under towels and sat in the choice warm seats (above the engine) for the bus ride back to the hotel.  Toasty!

The beautiful hotel lobby.  If not Chihuly, then certainly Chihuly-esque!

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Bob said...

octopus coming out of the lanterns.
Too bad all the iPads and iPhones have to be locked up.