Monday, July 29, 2013

Orlando - Epcot Center

For our last day, we hit Epcot Center, which believe it or not, had its 30th birthday last year.

I remember that the original ride inside Spaceship Earth (the huge silver sphere) was quite disappointing, so my expectations were low when we walked in. However, they've revamped it very nicely!  Judi Dench does the narration, the material is pretty interesting, and it wraps up with a fun interactive design experience during the descent back to the exit.  I managed to capture one of the images generated for Q-ster and me.

The boys enjoyed a game where they had to sweep "power pucks" into a city grid.  It kind of looked like electronic curling.

 When we strolled through the World Showcase, of course we had to stop at the pavilion for my favorite Scandinavian country.

They had a pretty nice replica of a stave church. The originals are all wooden pieces fitted together just like the Viking boats.

I sent a text to my nordic colleagues, teasing them that the fortress guarding the capital city has defended the fjord from invading fleets for seven hundred years, all in preparation for this new event: Princess Storybook Dining at the royal banquet hall.

We had a fabulous week.


Bob said...

The vikings like horns, even the building has them. All building pieces have to fit together:- inspiration for Lego blocks.
Love the last pic.

Asianmommy said...

Too fun! Can't wait to go back someday.