Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Orlando - Cousins, Hollywood Studios

Buster and his little cousin V hit it off particularly well.  Above, they are giggling together over something silly on the iPad, and below they are strategizing coloring books.

In the meantime, Q-ster cast many Harry Potter spells with V's older brother, but it wasn't really possible to photograph them, since the action was constant and involved view-obscuring pillow forts.

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios, beginning with the ever popular Star Tours (twice!) and visiting the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground in between other shows.

The lunch place was decorated like Pizza Planet from Toy Story and  featured a bunch of arcade games.  Hey, does that "claw" game have what I think it has?

Indeed, little green three eyed aliens!  I love those guys.  Even though the Despicable Me crew are from Universal and not Disney/Pixar, I think of the green guys as sort of spiritual ancestors to the Minions.

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Bob said...

So much fun, great to see Buster and Vi play so well together.