Monday, July 08, 2013

Cousinly Fun

My sister came back from a trade show bearing some seriously amazing gifts - light-up swords (with vendor logo) for all the boys! Q-ster, Buster, and my nephew were in heaven, battling around with the blades.  Of course, my two managed to smash them up within days, but SwingDaddy has since repaired them.

We also had the First Sleepover last week.  SwingDaddy put up a tent in our living room, and the two little ones (Buster and my nephew) talked late into the night before falling asleep.  Q-ster wisely retreated to his room where he could rest undisturbed.


Bob said...

Awesome fun.
Having a tent inside the house gives you a special kind of security feeling (I remember-when I was a kid).

mayberry said...

That first photo is so perfect!