Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cake and Company

We celebrated SwingDaddy's birthday!

Since he's has been making pizza from scratch, we got him a pizza peel (those flat boards with a handle that allow you to insert and remove the pizza from the oven without everything falling to pieces or you burning yourself) and some sauces.

I spent a little time that morning sewing new reusable fabric gift bags, because we keep having to use Christmas bags and it seemed like it was time to get our act together for birthdays too.  I found some cheerful prints - little space aliens, and of course, some with sea creatures - jellyfish!

Some of his more techie gifts won't arrive in the mail for a while, but we had a nice day.  Cake and company!

(In a cake dome, even.)

Thanks to Fourth Breakfast for the photos of SwingDaddy and flowers.


Bob said...

Cake stands with cakes, colorful hydrangeas in vase, gift bags with gifts. What a treat.

mayberry said...

Lovely pictures! Happy belated, SwingDaddy!

Asianmommy said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy Bday to your hubby.