Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lovies Over Time

Last weekend, I observed my nephew's collection of beloved blue mice, including the one that was relayed across half the globe to reach his loving home.  The more raggedy ones have been carefully retired.

When Q-ster was a baby, I bought two of the same soft blankets, cut one in half and edged it so that we could rotate between two smaller and easier-to-carry lovies. One to snuggle, and one for the laundry. The second full blanket was tucked away, just in case we needed a replacement.   I did the same for Buster, and this weekend, for some reason, both boys wanted "Big Blankie," so we got them out.

Buster's blankie, front and back sides.

In all the blankie pictures, the old half-sized blanket is resting on top of the mostly kept-aside second blanket.  Observe the wear and tear!  Buster in particular seems to have worn holes along the whole edge of his.  Happy snuggling to all.

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