Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's That Time of Year, My Musical Friends

Last week Buster's preschool class presented their musical selections from the whole year.  The days of the week song, the months of the year song, all the holidays stuff including my very favorite - 5 Little Pumpkins - and various Thanksgiving, winter and spring songs.

This year, he really sang quite a number of them with gusto.  Others, he mouthed and did the hand gestures like before.

The Planets song is more and more entertaining. The song as it must have been constructed originally:

There are nine planets whirling in the universe
Nine planets whirling in the universe
Nine planets whirling in the universe
In the center is the sun.

First comes Mercury,
Then comes Venus,
Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune, then comes Pluto
In the center is the Sun.

Spoken addendum 1, added in the  Q-ster years:

Teacher: What do we say about Pluto?
Children: Poor Pluto!
Teacher: Why?
Children: Because he's a dwarf planet!

Spoken addendum 2, added in the Buster years:

Teacher: But now Pluto has a friend . . .
Children: Charon!

I'm glad that the story has a happier ending now.

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mayberry said...

Aww. Even a dwarf planet needs a buddy!