Monday, June 03, 2013

Book, Dance, Memories

We headed back to campus over the weekend to celebrate our dance mentor's new book on waltzing.  He signed the first copy for us!

And it was great to stroll through the courtyard and into the studio where we first met, nineteen years ago.  I wonder how many hours we spent rehearsing and performing in that space.

The building will be closed in September for a year's renovations.  We're not there as often as we used to be, but it's hard to imagine not being able to walk into those rooms.  At least the plans seem to be going well - the space will be preserved for dancing!


Bob said...

The step creations, the choreography, rehearsals, the costumes, the makeups, the bookings, the performances then the videos. How exciting, and so much memories of jobs well done.

mayberry said...

The very first copy! So cool!