Sunday, May 26, 2013

We are Chefs, Chefs, Chefs

Q-ster has been singing various songs about "Friendly Neighborhood Helpers" mixed in with Les Miz these days. 

We are chefs, chefs, chefs
Ooh la la la . . .

and this one:

I look left
I look right
Not a car in sight.
Oh I look long
I look hard
I’m the crossing guard.

We attended his second grade play on Friday to see the results.  Quite amusing, the flock of kids with their dedicated teachers!  My favorites were Q-ster's plumber song and the dentist song.

We are all dentists
Oh that is the truth
We are all dentists
We love ev’ry tooth.

Open wide
Open wider
We adore
Each incisor.

1 comment:

mayberry said...

I also adore that you can see his teeth in the singing photo :)