Thursday, May 23, 2013

Observant at Just the Right Moments

The preschool had its open house/40th anniversary party this week and we went to celebrate with them.  The boys have each spent two years there, and it was great to get to talk to the teachers, who are as loving and caring as you can possibly imagine preschool teachers to be.

Midway through the administrator thank-yous, Buster trotted off and sat down at a picnic table.  Puzzled, I followed him over and saw why.  He'd observed that there was a large cake on one end of the table, and he nabbed the last seat on the bench.

The children waited patiently for the announcements to conclude, cake to be cut and served, and dug into their pieces. It's not a proper party without cake, after all.


Bob said...

Just like college students, knowing where the food is.

mayberry said...

Smart cookie! (Or, "smart cakey"?)

Just caught up on about a month of your adventures. We went to Disneyland just a week or two after you did!