Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It's Like the Sugar But Weirder

A while back, I wrote about how the standard 5 pound bag of sugar secretly became a 4 pound bag of sugar. Like the Incredible Shinking Candy Bars, a company can make the same price but give less product. 

I ran across the weirdest instance of the Less Product plan yesterday when our new checkbooks arrived.  Even it today's highly electronic banking world, there are still things that require personal checks - piano lessons, field trips at school - so while we don't use a ton, they do add up after a while.

In my experience, personal checks come in books of 25.  This may vary from bank to bank, but it makes sense.  One book of checks starts with the numbering 1000, the next would be 1025, then 1050, and so forth.  Very tidy.

Yesterday, I saw that the first book was 2000, but the second book was 2024.  I was suspicious - did someone tear off the top check?  Identity thief?  No. The third book started with 2048, and the third with 2072.  Each book of checks had been reduced to 24 checks instead of 25.  Really?  We've come to this?

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Bob said...

Someday they'll use prime numbers in the number of checks:- 23 then going down to 19, 17, 13.