Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hungry Settlers

My sister gave Q-ster the Junior Settlers of Catan board game for his birthday, and we've played it with great success a couple times now.  It's a resource game - you earn items like wood, gold, animals, trade goods like molasses, and then you exchange them for larger items like ships and forts.  I'm amazed at how fast the boys develop the trades, even little Buster. 

We also agree that the most distracting element is that it's very hard to look at the player piece for gold and not see it as cornbread.  Cornbread and molasses, yum!


mayberry said...

That is cool! My brother introduced us to a game called Alhambra, which involves building a castle/fortress. But our favorite part seems to be exclaiming "AlHAMMMMMBRRA!"

Stimey said...

We play the adult version of this. It's a blast!