Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting Back to the Disney Saga - Day Two

Arriving. Day One.

It was big news when Disney bought Lucasfilm a few months ago, but it also wasn't.  In Disneyland, Star Wars has been a prominent player for years, and never more that now.

The Star Tours ride has finally fulfilled its promise, 20-odd years after it first opened.  If you're not familiar with the ride, you board a "shuttle," buckle up, and go on a journey. The room/seats shift angles, shake and bounce while you watch a film, and it really gives a pretty realistic feeling of moving through space. 

The story has been the same for decades, but in the new, upgraded, 3D version of the ride, there are several different storylines that get put together dynamically each time.  C3P0 is now the pilot, and we flew the pod race on Tatooine, dodged AT-ATs on Hoth, zipped around asteroids to avoid Jengo Fett and the Death Star on various trips.  The boys each declared that it was their favorite, and we rode it four times.

We also watched the Jedi Training - at first they clamored to participate, but when the time drew near, they both got shy and we watched instead.  The Jedi Master (a dashing Asian-American!) was particularly good with his patter as he helped the tiniest padawans try to open their lightsabers.  "Try again. You can do it.  I believe it you. Use the Force. Here, take mine."

The old favorites - the Enchanted Tiki House, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and Small World were delightful as ever.  Dad remembered seeing the original incarnation of Small World at the 1962 New York World's Fair before in was permanently installed at Disneyland.  I took a picture of some of the fanciful shrubbery in front of the ride so that I could show my Northern colleague what a "California moose" looked like.


Bob said...

"You can do it. I believe it you. Use the Force. Here, take mine"
That's the best part

Asianmommy said...

Love the moose!