Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frankly Historical

During my brief interlude in Frankfurt earlier this month, I stopped by the city Historical Museum. For hundreds of years, it has been a commerce city, given imperial rights to host trade fairs, leading to its role as a financial center today.

There were some of the typical cool museum items like suits of armor.

And a few more unusual ones, like this excavated underground brick tunnel that originally led to a chapel. Today, you can squeeze through the passage to get to another gallery.

The architecture and presentation was interesting as well.  These stark concrete columns  . . .

 . . framed and led to a room of very traditional items - old books, sculpture, baroquely decorated vintage navigation devices.

I also loved this old staircase, in the midst of a modern building.

I'm becoming the master of tearing through a museum in an hour.  Rather than feeling sad that I'm not getting to see the whole thing, I'm learning to treasure whatever I manage to see. It's more than I would learn at the airport or my hotel room.


Bob said...

A master of tearing through a museum in an hour. We all need to learn that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot of the staircase from below