Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now, Lions

Okay, one more cupcake post before we return to Disneyland.

Buster is enrolled in both the Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning session of preschool as well as  Tuesday-Thursday mornings. His big brother Q-ster only attended MWF at that age, and we discovered that it was insufficient activity, leaving him with the opportunity to generate a whole bunch of trouble out of restlessness.  The five-morning plan has been working great for Buster, and he's eager to go to class to play with his friends every day.

That does, however, lead to some oddities, like double snack days.  Each child has a turn to bring in snack, and for birthdays, is allowed to bring a treat.  Since Buster is technically in two preschool classes (even though it's the same classroom, same teachers, and some of the same children,) he has two birthday snack days this week.

We did Crocodile Cupcakes yesterday, which were not entirely identifiable as crocodiles.  And now, it's back to Lion Cupcakes for day two.  I gave up on the Lego Chima Lion logo, because the tube frosting just doesn't support such fine lines, and fell back to a more generic lion face on yellow frosting.  Candy eyes to the rescue again.  I'm hoping the eyes stay black and white on this yellow frosting, because the crocodile eyes turned green overnight, probably due to the green frosting seeping in.

With two eyes on this set, I did notice that the pupils are different sizes between the candies, leaving the occasional mismatched eyes that turn the cupcake into a sort of lunatic animal.  Oh well.  I can't imagine any five year old rejecting a chocolate cupcake over aesthetic reasons, so it's probably ok. 

These aren't going to get pinned in Pinterest, except in some kind of cakewrecks page, but the birthday child is pleased, and that's what matters.

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Bob said...

A good job of lion cup cakes.