Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Les Miserables, Continued

This week, I finally managed to catch some of the Les Miserables re-enactments on video, which I won't post in deference to both the messy background of our room and potential embarrassment sources to the boys in the future.

Scene: Q-ster poses in front of his "microphone" stand doing a darn good job imitating the expressions of our favorite Enjolras actor (Ramin Kamiloo), singing "Do You Hear the People Sing" with gravitas.

Buster grabs the red flag that I sewed for them and starts waving it behind his brother, quite militantly and on the beat.

It's a great image.

Then, I'm particularly glad that I confiscated the original incarnation of the flag, where I had a thin wooden dowel on the edge, and replaced it with a foam tube that SwingDaddy found at Home Depot.  Why?  Because Buster, as he's waving the flag back and forth, starts eyeing his brother, and just can't help getting a little closer, and a little closer, until he whacks him in the back with the flag.  He stays on the beat, but now hitting his brother every measure.

And the Q-ster tackles Buster and the video devolves into a wrestling match.  You can hear me say, "Hey, finish the song!" in the background.

End scene.


Bob said...

Yes, a foam flag pole is better to whack with.

Bob said...

What a great play by play description: The flag pole waving to the rhythm getting closer and closer until ---.
We can even picture it in our heads.
How funny.

mayberry said...

Flagpole as metronome! I love it.