Monday, April 22, 2013

Disney Day One

We got to Disney's California Adventure park for "magic hour," an early hour before the park opens to general admission, and thus were privileged to stand in line for a long time earlier than anyone else.  Actually, it was pretty good.  We had a 40 minute wait for Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land, the most popular new ride, but after that, everything was fast - no more than 20 minutes - and in comfortable weather.

Both boys, especially Buster, loved Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, a "tractor" ride that whips you in figure eight patterns.  I joined them on return rides, once I realized that it wasn't a spinning ride.  (It turns out that Buster loves spinning rides, like the Mad Tea Party tea cups, but those are best done without me.)

We also enjoyed Luigi's Flying Tires, which were a kind of hovering craft.  Buster and I don't weigh a lot, so we were able to go pretty fast across the ground, at least between bumps with other tires.

We had a family nap in the late afternoon and returned to the park for the "World of Color" water and light show, after having made the obligatory Mickey Mouse ears purchase. 

Mouse ears have made some leaps in technology over the years. These lit up in colors that changed to match the show - yellow in the first photo and green in the next.  The buildings trimmed in lights are not part of the show, by the way, those are just background.

After a while, the boys were tired of wearing their hats and the adults ended up as the bearer of the ears.  We need to think of ways to work these into everyday life.

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