Sunday, April 07, 2013

Captain Rex Goes to Las Vegas, Plus Macarons

The boys' sneakers were in a sorry state, so we went shopping for new ones.  Their feet are getting so big!

We've done the Captain Rex shoes (right) many times before, but there has apparently been an escalation in the flashing shoe category.

Instead of little blue lights that appear on the "visor" of the shoes, the new shoes now have a big flashing panel that reads "R-E-X" across the front. I'll have to see if I can get a clearer picture with the other camera.

We also made a shop at the pastry shop, where I chose a macaron, for which I've long had a fondness.

The boys chose miniature cupcakes.

A cookies-n-cream mini cupcake for Q-ster.

and vanilla with lots and lots of multi-colored sprinkles for Buster.

By the way, I had to look up the difference between macaron, the prettily colored cookie-cakes, and macaroon, the coconut cookies. It's good to know that there's room for that much confectionery in the world.


Bob said...

Big business in shoe with lights and sound (pretty soon).

mayberry said...

It's good that you're teaching them to appreciate shoes and pastry :)