Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Basking in Warmth, Floating on the Seas

Before the weather gets too warm, I need to write about the amazing Christmas gift that SwingDaddy gave me: a towel warmer!

One of odd bits of knowledge we picked up during my somewhat difficult delivery of Q-ster was that the labor and delivery ward of our hospital (and probably many other wards as well) has a blanket oven, and the nurses kept replacing my blankets with new ones fresh out of the oven to ward off my chills.

This is way better, because it doesn't involve being in the hospital - just plug in, drop a towel in the container, when when you step out of the shower, a nice hot towel is ready!

(No affiliation or compensation from Brookstone - I just really like it.)

In totally unrelated news:

Virginia Tech has developed a giant robotic jellyfish. It's the size of a human, and they plan to use it to monitor ocean environments.


mayberry said...

That sounds AMAZING! (I'm mostly referring to the towel warmer, but the jellyfish is pretty exciting too.)

Bob said...

"Watch out for that jelly fish!"
" Oh wait, it just a robotic one".