Wednesday, April 10, 2013


As you all know, I'm a fan of the cuteness (if not necessarily the taste) of bunny Peeps. My sister made me this charming bunny Peep wreath for Easter!

We had it hanging for a few days, but as SwingDaddy put it, Peeps are not very structurally sound, so as they started to wobble off the wreath, we turned it into a centerpiece.

Most of our Easter things are finally put away now.  If Earth Day wasn't looming ahead in April, it would be really tempting to toss the plastic eggs and start fresh next time, but every year, we wash and dry all the egg shells.

Ready for Easter 2014!


Bob said...

Bunny Peeps by O is so cute and adorable

mayberry said...

Love the wreath! We save the plastic eggs too. We also go to a giant outdoor hunt every year (500+ eggs) and the hosts provide a bin for recycling the plastic "shells."

Asianmommy said...

The wreath is adorable! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year.