Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Treasure, Tasty Treasure

We had a lot of fun putting together a fitting goody bag for Q-ster's Hobbit party. I found suitably impressive rings at the local bead shop for about a dollar each. Q-ster helped me measure, and I sewed a bunch of little velvety bags from scraps leftover from some dance dresses.

For kicks, here are the dresses. (I made them with Costume Conspirator. The fabric was stretchy and easy to fit on the dancers, but really, really wretched to sew. Such memories of cutting and cursing the wriggly material together!)


Back to the story.

We got a lot of chocolate gold coins.

Lots and lots.  It was fun to see the designs - some were made to look like Euros, others were krugerands, and still others were gold bars!

We stacked them to make equal piles.

And bundled them into the bags with a ribbon holding the Ring. 


Bob said...

Just love the gift bags with rings:-great job, and the chocolate gold coins.

Mayberry said...

So cool! Pretend play and consumables - way better than the usual goodie bag fare!