Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ruffles, the Fabric Antidote to Nunchucks

At the garment district remnant store, there are such fabulous things. Embroidered chiffon for $15/yard.

Velvety patterns for $4/yard.

and this, a whole bolt of pink ruffled tulle, which caught by eye as it sat on the aisle for $6/yard.  I couldn't resist buying two yards to make a few simple skirts for daughters of friends.

I finished packing my suitcase ten minutes before I had to leave for the airport, so I decided to go for it - I didn't even measure or pin - I threw a piece of the tulle into the machine, sewed a channel for a waistband, serged up the ends, and stuffed it into a small bag.

I found my tiny childhood Hello Kitty sewing kit with miniature scissors, and put together an elastic waistband on the flight over.  The passenger across the aisle was a bit surprised when I pulled the tulle out of my briefcase and it expanded across my tray table.  A couple of quick stitches, and voila!  A ruffled skirt!

It wasn't exactly high quality work, but hopefully my friend's daughter will like the finery, and it was fun to sew something that doesn't involve weapons. :)

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mayberry said...

Yay for productive plane travel!