Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not the Most Obvious Shopping Choices

I had a spare hour on my last night  in Scandinavia before I was to meet my friend for dinner, and I strolled the streets of the friendly capital city. I had to put up the hood of my winter coat, because the snow was falling so hard. A novelty for this California girl!

In one particular shop, I saw a bikini of the national flag.  Not entirely odd, although it might be a bit seasonally early given all the snow.

Much stranger was what was next to it. A pile of American flag bikinis.  And what looks like Oakland Raiders football bikinis.  Huh?

And elsewhere, I saw American flag leggings.

And American flag shirts.

To top it all off, I Heart Justin Bieber shirts and hats. He is Canadian, so I suppose there's some variety there.

It's certainly not an anti-American country, but they're not sycophant fans.  USA as a design element?

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Mayberry said...

Well - go into Claire's Boutique and there is every kind of Union Jack merch. For the tween One Direction fans.