Sunday, March 10, 2013

Les Miz Redux, Now with Lego Chima

Q-ster in his full Les Miserables Enjolras outfit!

I scored a black vest at a teenybopper store and covered it with red fabric.  The gold braid would have cost a fortune, except that I found some for $2/yard at the garment district remnants store that Costume Conspirator and I used to frequent. The sash was just a few dollars at Target - I think it's meant to be USA-patriotic, but it works pretty well for France too.

It would not be complete without a red flag to wave, of course.

I asked Buster if he wanted me to make anything for him, and he asked for a Laval outfit - a lion character from Lego Chima. He rarely wants costume pieces, so I was happy to oblige.

The lion logo came out pretty well.  I think I can make that design into a cake, if he's still into Laval when his birthday rolls around.


Bob said...

How clever and how cool, great to have someone who is creative and can sew. Wish I had a mom like that.

mayberry said...

Wow! Both excellent!

mayberry said...

Wow! Both excellent!