Monday, March 18, 2013

Goethe - Decor and Household Goods

As mentioned yesterday, I had an unexpected block of time in Frankfurt, and with no handy nap pod available, I decided to seize the moment and take the train into the city.

I walked for a little while and ended up at the Goethe Haus and Museum. He was born in 1749 to a prominent family in Frankfurt.

I really know shockingly little about his works of literature, but I now know plenty about his parents' taste in wallpaper and home furnishings.

The ironwork railings had his parents' initials woven into them.  It was difficult to get a clear shot, but they were visible to close inspection.

These massive cabinets held the family linens - a show of great wealth.

The linen press, which could smooth twelve sheets at a time. 

The pyramid piano, which was an elegant instrument designed to take less space in a room.  (Nothing was said about the quality of the sound.)

 And best of all, the library!  This is where Goethe's father used his personal library of 1200 books (in the 1700s!) to educate his son and daughter.

It was a nice cultural break to an otherwise airport-y day.


Bob said...

Goethe Haus house, the design was quite modern, so are the furnitures. He's got taste for someone lived that many years ago.
The pyramid piano-probably quite loud as the sounding board is facing the player when you open the doors of the cabinet. It's probably bolted to the wall as in an earthquake (may be not in Germany) over 1000 lbs will fall on the player ( can't duck under the grand piano for safety).

mayberry said...

Wow, I'd certainly never heard of a pyramid piano or a linen press before! How cool to see.