Friday, March 08, 2013

All Life in 3D

A couple of weeks ago, our TV finally gave up the ghost, just a few minutes prior to Family Movie Night. We ended up watching Wall-E, snuggled around an iPad.  SwingDaddy and I laughed over how the screen size probably wasn't all that different from an early television, and not surprisingly, the boys didn't really mind.  They are a mobile generation, of course.

A week later, we sat down to a new TV from the modern age and watched a few short pieces - an action scene from Avatar, the lantern scene from Tangled, and so forth.  Wow, 3D!

SwingDaddy did some careful research when purchasing the 3D glasses.  They come in two categories- the "Mommy/Daddy" version and the less expensive ones that will be subject to rougher handling and a lot of fingerprints. They're working out great, so far.

We even took our first 3D home video on the ski trip, which was fun to watch at home.  Everyone says that The Life of Pi (Hooray, Ang Lee, two-time Oscar winner for best director!) made amazing strides in 3D, so perhaps we'll have to arrange a viewing night.

The title refers to a post that I read from a blogger who had taken her children to a 3D movie.  As they left the theater, the youngest child was heard to remark wistfully, "I wish ALL of life was in 3D like the movie."

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Bob said...

Watch TV and snuggle with plush animal toys, what a treat.