Sunday, March 03, 2013

A-Testing We Will Go


Once again, it's time for the boys to test for their next taekwondo belts. Buster did very well, breaking his board and remembering the answers to the oral questions.

Q-ster's kicks have gotten very impressive.  The kick above was a warm up for his board break (not shown, because the angle of the picture shows too many of the other kids' faces that I'd need to blur out.)

Our surprise of the evening: Buster was awarded "Best Form."  He was so pleased!  His big brother has been awarded "Best Student" and "Leadership" badges, but this is the very first for him.  As the littlest student in his class, it's harder for him to stand out, but he did it!

We're so proud.


Bob said...

Congrat to both.
Buster always kick (break board) with his eyes open:- which is the correct way. Impressive

Asianmommy said...

How fun! I've had to break out my old sewing skills to put the patches on my kids' uniforms. It's been a long time!

Mayberry said...

Way to go. Ai-ya!