Sunday, February 17, 2013

Northern Friends News

One thoughtful and two wacky looks at what was going  on last month in the Scandinavian nation where so many of my colleagues live.

On fatherhood and paternity leave:

Dads have never had it so good. . . Fathers are now entitled to 12 weeks of fully paid paternity leave, often with two extra weeks to take off after the birth. It is now more accepted than ever for them to take the entire period of lengthy leave – even government ministers have done so – and their job is protected for up to one year should they choose to be at home for longer. When fathers and mothers, who jointly share as many as 14 months off, return to work, their child is guaranteed a place in heavily subsidized day care. . . but now they’re feeling the same pressure in striking a work-life balance that women have felt for years.

On seagull attacks at the trendy waterfront:
Large, hungry and aggressive seagulls have been attacking kiosk customers at the fashionable  waterfront complex lately, grabbing takeaway snacks right out of their hands.

On what has to be the weirdest traffic infrastructure closure - due to burning brown cheese:
Highway officials said it was still too dangerous to enter the tunnel because of potentially lethal gases created by the smoldering cheese, which has a molasses-like content.


mayberry said...

Oh dear. Maybe the seagulls need to grab brown cheese instead of takeaway snacks?

Bob said...

Gas masks for seagulls.

Didn't know cheese would burn and be so toxic.