Monday, February 04, 2013

Minuets and Donuts

Q-ster had a great piano performance on Sunday - Minuet in G Major ("Minuet 2 from Book 2" in Suzuki parlance.)  He's starting to get into more complicated, meaty pieces, and we were really proud of his hard work and good showing. So naturally, we went out for donuts to celebrate.

Mmm, Krispy Kreme!  The "Hot Now" light was on when we pulled up, so boys were excited to see their mighty machine and conveyor belt at work.  Buster and I couldn't resist the bright sprinkles on the special Valentine's donuts.

They even have a "Hot Now" app for your iPhone, so that any time, you can check whether your local store is turning out hot donuts.  Just what all our waistlines need.


Bob said...

Good job Bud.
Love the heart shape with pink stripes donut.

mayberry said...

I like the side-eye on Buster. "Dad, don't even think about touching this donut."

Asianmommy said... the heart-shaped doughnuts!