Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super Powers and Cephalopod Hats

I'm an occasional reader of the always-clever Lifehacker website, and they're running a series called "How I Work."  In this particular episode, they interview Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote.  One of the accompanying photographs shows his desktop, featuring a squiddy sort of character on his computer display, so I was already inclined to like him, and then this response caught my eye:

Q: What's your sleep routine like?

A: I actually sleep really well; it's sort of my core competency; I can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, on command. My brain doesn't understand time zones and I don't get jet lag. This is my super power. I go to sleep at random times and wake up at random times, but I probably get about eight hours of sleep on average. I know how incredibly lucky this makes me.

That's the exact same phrase that I use - it's my super power too.


In case you had any fears about this blog moving away from its core competency of plush octopus pictures, here's our little crew, with the new octopus wearing a charming hat I was given at the same party where the magnificent jello desserts were served.

Here's a lovely little detail - the underside is a polka dot material - like suckers, but cuter!

 I put the hat on my big octopus too, making him look a little like Oswald.


Bob said...

I like the hat on the Polka octo best.

Mayberry said...

Oh, I forgot about Oswald. We used to love that show!

I always wished my superpower was to make OTHER PEOPLE (usually the ones I gave birth to) fall asleep on my command.

Anonymous said...

I like the hat on your new octopus. Glad it's integrating well with its fellow octopi! Here's the website if you want to see other colors and also the reversible fish/ sushi.

I have that same superpower! And I love the full interview of the Evernote CEO

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