Sunday, February 03, 2013

Here and There

Cool things I've see on the net lately . . .

Gotta love Google translate for international news site headlines, this one regarding the Superbowl:
Sunday night benches 111 million in front of television screens in the U.S. to watch the finals in a sport only Americans care about.

A Facebook friend linked to Chelsea Clinton's page, where she had posted the following photo and caption.

Grateful for my Mom's and the remarkable U.S. Department of State team's service. Thankful I shared her last day as Secretary of State!

Warner Brothers has named Kevin Tsujihara as their new chief executive.  Stanford alum!  First Asian-American to head a Hollywood Studio! Apparently he was responsible for for a lot of the negotiating behind the scenes to get The Hobbit movie made - first dealing with the bankruptcy of co-rights-holder MGM, handling the transition of director from Guillermo Del Toro to Peter Jackson, and then the New Zealand union problem.

While writing this post I just noticed that there are two versions of the article in the LA Times - one in the Entertainment section, and a longer cut in the Business section.  Interesting to see the differences.  I read the business version originally, but when I googled Warner Bros to find the article again to reference, I got the entertainment edit, which didn't include any of the details on The Hobbit.  His picture is more flattering in the Entertainment section.  I guess it's fitting - nicer images in one place, more data in the other.


A useful (and tongue-in-cheek) briefing on Oscar nominees titled "How To Fake That You've Seen The 9 Oscar Nominees For Best Picture."  I particularly like the graph showing comparing the vocal prowess, star power, and relative miserable-ness of the stars in Les Miz.


mayberry said...

Lots of fun stuff! Great picture of Chelsea and Hillary.

Bob said...

I read the "How to Fake ---9 movies"
Great, Now I can fake it.

The Les Miz chart is so funny and great. I'm glad Eddie Redmayne as Marius got high marks for singing.
I'm keeping a copy of that chart