Sunday, February 24, 2013

Four on Skis

We made a trek up to the mountains to ski on Saturday - the first time the four of us have skied together!

On our last trip (two years ago,) SwingDaddy skied with Q-ster, while I spent the morning trying to insert Buster into a winter coat.  As a then-two-year-old, he had never been anywhere cold before, so he didn't understand why on earth he should wear such a ungainly, foreign thing.  In the afternoon, we all went inner tubing, and that was a blast.

This time, skis for everyone.

Q-ster did great.  He carried all his own gear, with only minor complaining, and kept himself going, with coaching and encouragement from us.  On his last run, he managed to stay on his feet the whole way down, until the very end.

SwingDaddy and I took turns skiing with Buster between our legs, and he had a blast, yelling "Wheeeeeeee!" all the way down the hill.  I was pleased that I'm a somewhat better skier that I remembered, so after a few runs for confidence, we could go pretty fast (for the bunny slope, I mean, this is all relative) and sometimes go through the hoops and tunnels to Buster's great delight.

SwingDaddy is an expert skier, so he took some home movies (in 3D!) while we skied.

After multiple trips to Scandinavia, my snow boots have finally touched American soil.

After we dinner and cleaning up, we tucked everyone in bed with an iPad to chill out.

All in all, a successful trip.


Bob said...

They look so cool and professional when suited up.

Asianmommy said...

Yay--how fun!