Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tooth Truth

In Q-ster's second grade class, each child writes a little story when he or she loses a tooth and it goes into the class "Tooth Book."  This one reads as follows:

My name is Q-ster.  I am 7 years old.  I lost a tooth and this is how it happened.
I was playing a game of lights with my brother and he kicked me in the mouth so it fell out.

Right. His teacher is going to love this one.

Of course, he neglects to mention that this tooth was wiggling all week and was practically falling out of his mouth prior to the incident, but I guess it makes for a better story this way.


Mayberry said...

Always go for the most exciting version of the story! J. lost one in a wave pool once. That was dramatic (blood, lifeguards, first aid station) but of course it had already been loose.

Bob said...

Tooth fairy assist program by sibling.

Amber Strocel said...

You've got to love it when your kid manages to make something sound so much worse than it actually was.