Monday, January 28, 2013

The Italian Dinner of Surprises

When we got married, among all the lovely kitchen-themed wedding presents were an assortment of pasta measurers. I think they were added to various gifts because they're sort of clever looking and not something you'd necessarily get for yourself. And, as a person who is fond of organizing-type items, I really liked the idea of this tool. 

Sadly, neither SwingDaddy nor I could actually successfully use a pasta measurer - I mean really, what do you do?  Do you pour out a bunch of spaghetti from the box and stuff it through the measuring device and then sweep up everything that fell on the floor?  Do you take little clumps of noodles and thread them through the hole until you have enough to fill one? It was just never less than a mess, so we ended up giving away these little wooden torture devices that taunted us with the possibility that we could have accurately portioned noodles.

Jump ahead a decade of varying levels of spaghetti accuracy, we were cooking for the four of us plus SwingDaddy's parents, and discussing how to guess what the new portion should be.  We survived the evening, but two weeks later, they kindly mailed us a new measurer.

This one is a container in which you store the pasta.  When you pop the lid off, there's a little insert that allows a portion to slide out.

 We were skeptical, but gave it a try.

We poured out two "2" portions, and what do you know? We ended up with just the right amount!  (Actually, we had a little extra, but Buster doesn't eat full sized portions of noodles yet.)  So, hooray and thank you!

And as if that wasn't enough mystery for one meal, SwingDaddy had purchased a loaf of garlic bread at the market.

We noticed that it had an unusual label: "Apple Pie, 9 Inch Slice." We speculated for a while on whether the package would turn into an apple pie after heating.

No, but bread was better with dinner anyway.


Asianmommy said...

What a cool idea. I never know how much pasta to make.

Bob said...

The Lid dispenser is a useful idea.
9" apple pie slice is tough to figure out (mis-label , but a good price).

Mayberry said...

OK, that totally makes more sense!

Amber Strocel said...

I have one of those containers, and it really is great.