Thursday, January 03, 2013

Learning About the Work World

SwingDaddy headed back to work after the holidays yesterday, but I took another day off.  Since his office is near the taekwondo studio, we dropped by for a brief visit before class.  Above, they admire the wall of snacks, followed by a swift request for Rice Krispy treats.

Of course, Buster had to try the spiral slide that goes from the second floor to the first.

SwingDaddy's boss saw the boys in uniform, so he challenged them to a martial arts battle in the break room.  Eventually, a truce was called and I took them to their class.

Slides, Rice Krispy treats, TKD in the office - work is a lot of fun!


Bob said...

What fun, the spiral tube ended quite a bit off the floor for kids.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

I am impressed by the office! Very cute kids, too :-)

mayberry said...

Even better than when I used to occasionally run into Clifford the Big Red Dog at the office!