Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Nice, Friendly Lego

Buster made out like a bandit on Lego for Christmas, and most of it was his very favorite, BATMAN, with one exception.

I'd noticed that he was quite intrigued with the Lego Friends cafe set that I'd gotten last year, even having one of his snake-head demon characters take the role of short order cook and serve up meals to the ninjas sitting around the little Lego table.  SwingDaddy had acquired a couple of free "fill the box with any pieces you want from the open bins at the Lego store" packets, and Buster had chosen quite a number of flowers, building a sort of greenhouse for them.

So when he expressed interest in the Lego Winter Cottage, we jumped on it.  Hooray!  A Lego set not focused on weapons or war! (If you don't count the miniature chain saw that is meant for Christmas tree chopping.)

This was kind of a huge set, and he worked on it for days.

I like the moose artwork next to the Christmas tree.



Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Here's my question because my son has suddenly shown an interest in Legos even if he still wants more trains...

Do you have him keep the expensive, took-hours-to-build sets together or do they get dismantled and thrown into a big pile, never to be built as intended again?

That's my internal struggle right now.

Oh, and I was kind of iffy about the Friends, but my daughter loves them and both kids play with them.

Asianmommy said...

Aww..that's beautiful!

mayberry said...

Cool! I love the artwork too.

Leighann, we let the sets get all jumbled up. For awhile I was trying to keep the Star Wars sets separate from everything else. But it didn't work. I do save the instructions so that if he did want to rebuild, he theoretically could - if he could unearth all the pieces! Basically, we figured creative play was the ultimate goal.

Bob said...

He got it done, amazing perseverance.
There were some cylinder shaped pieces that took people a while to figure out they were logs for the fireplace ( cut up by the chainsaw).