Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Babies

We've been doing a big overhaul of the boys' rooms.  New desks, chairs, curtain rods, curtains . . . cleaning out too-small clothes, baby items, baby toys, toddler books, all sorts of nonsense. I kept finding bags inside boxes inside bins, every one of which containing one domino, two playing cards, a dozen Lego, a piece of train track, and some Monopoly money.  How was it possible that one set of dominoes could get so evenly distributed around the house?

In any case, I also unearthed two very small knit hats.  Q-ster came home from the hospital in the left cap, and Buster came home from the hospital wearing the one on the right.  These, I'm keeping.


mayberry said...

Oh yes, keep! Adorable!

Bob said...

So someone donated to the hospital baby caps? Or the hospital bought them?
How sweet!