Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jonathan Coulton vs Glee, Dinner Parties, More Octopuses

The return of non sequitur theater:

I've been a fan of several Glee episodes (I haven't watched enough to say I know the whole series that well,) so I'm horrified that they've stolen Jonathan Coulton's arrangement of Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back.  The original song is a rap with no melody, so it's completely clear that it's his version with his adaptation of the lyrics ("Johnny C's in trouble" instead of "Mix-a-lot's in trouble"), and in addition, it seems they've even used some of his backing tracks.  It helps to have a big online presence of geeks, because someone did a fairly sophisticated audio analysis, and it doesn't look good for the Glee production team.

This apparently isn't the first time they've taken an arrangement and given no credit, but JoCo may be the musician with high enough a profile that Fox will need to respond.  He's got stories on CNN,  Forbes, and Wired, at this point. JoCo re-released his version of the song on iTunes, with the promise to donate proceeds to charity, and so far it's trending higher than the Glee version.  We've enjoyed his music (songs about squids! lobsters! techie folks!) and seen him in concert - good luck to you, sir.

Love, love, love these images of a pop-up dinner party with a view of the Golden Gate bridge.  It looks breathtaking.

I told SwingDaddy, "I want to do that!"
After some more chatter, we recognized that no, I don't really want to host that party.  I want to attend that party.  I think I will set my sights on a somewhat less ambitious event that doesn't require hauling furniture and a gas heater down to a beach.

As we all know, the micro due loves his octopus and jellyfish and blankie dearly, carrying them around everywhere he goes in the house.  The snuggle friends have lots of handholds, being multi-limbed, so they're easy to grab and go.

However, the boy is easily distracted, so if he sees something he wants to do, he simply opens his arms, and the creatures drop to the ground, leaving this as a common view around our house.

Come get your snuggle friends, Buster!


Bob said...

The whole house is the last child's room.

Mayberry said...

We have been listening to Glee soundtrack songs a lot lately, so that is very disappointing. (And JoCo's version is awesome.)

Amber Strocel said...

I am a regular Glee viewer, and hearing that they've stolen a song seriously annoys me. Not cool, Glee.