Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flame On

There are two Lego exclusives that are sold only in New York City - a little taxicab, which I brought home for the boys after BlogHer last summer, and a small Statue of Liberty, which was the travel gift from this month's trip. (And no, I don't always bring something home, but New York is an easy place to shop.)

Buster added a platform underneath to represent an island ("since the statue is on an island, really, Mom!") and some blue to be the water.

Later, he also got a bit carried away, deciding that the flame that came with the set was insufficiently dramatic.


Bob said...

Good imagination for the water and great sense of humor for the flame.

Stimey said...

Wouldn't be awesome if the real statue had a flaming head like that? I feel like we should start a petition or something.

Amber Strocel said...

I like the added enhancements. Clearly, they should have had some small children on the design team.

Mayberry said...

That WOULD be a more exciting view in New York Harbor.