Monday, January 07, 2013

Even More Elves and Mythos

This was posted on Q-ster's door earlier this week.  Yep, they are Angerthas runes from The Lord of the Rings.  I can't really poke fun at this because I know someone who kept a whole summer's worth of journal entries in those runes herself, and um, I dug out that notebook for the little dude to see.  We pulled out the key from the LOTR appendix and could decipher it surprisingly well together.

I made a couple of errors on the first page (still getting used to the code,) and Q-ster noticed them immediately.  "Mom, you made a mistake!" It was fun for him to see what I wrote from so long ago - decades ago!

He got several amazing Hobbit/LOTR Lego sets for Christmas, but I think my favorite is this rendition of Mount Doom that he designed himself.


Bob said...

What fun:-sharing something from the past that is new again. With your own child with the same passion.

mayberry said...

That is hilarious. Like mother like son!