Monday, January 14, 2013

Bedside Reading

My nightstand book stack is wildly out of control post-Christmas and birthday.  Books, delicious books!

The Hollywood Sketchbook is a beautifully illustration history of the work of motion picture costume designers and illustrators.  It's fun to see the scribbles on the sides of the pages - "more sequins here!" or "turn over for pocket detail!" The author points out that when you see a perfect costume sketch where the character is in a pose you'd recognize from a movie still, the drawing was requested after the fact - it's not usually the original design sketch.

The book also weighs about 30 pounds, so one has to begin a fitness regime in order to read it.

I picked up the history of the Plantagenets (King Richard III and family) at a Barnes and Noble close-out sale.  I've had some interest in that ruling family since I read "Daughter of Time," in middle school, a mystery that made the case that Richard III innocent of murdering the Princes in the Tower.

The Scandinavian Folklore book came home with me from Europe in December, after a folklore visit museum.  The costume photos are gorgeous.

Always glad to have more to read.

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Bob said...

Stories and knowledge piling up.