Thursday, December 06, 2012

Real Winter

I've just wrapped up a week in the cold north, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 17 degrees Fahrenheit.  A bit chilly for this California girl.  Thank heavens for my polarthin jacket and100% wool legwarmers courtesy of a knitter on Etsy.

Here is what greeted me at the train station:

Each concrete column in that passageway was adorned with the image of a different dwarf from The Hobbit, and the wall was festooned with the whole lot of them, plus Bilbo and Gandalf.

I also managed to not get crushed by a revolving door this time, which made for a much more pleasant entrance into the country.

I've acquired a new warm hat and a pepperkaker (gingerbread cookie) on a stick, after watching an increasing number of children munching away at these giant heart shaped treats.  I can manage a week at these temperatures, but I will be very grateful to get home tomorrow.


Bob said...

Keeping up with Hobbit names: That a great way to memorize them.

Mayberry said...

I bet it took you the whole week to eat that Pepperkaker-on-a-stick!