Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lights in the North

I've managed to get almost hopelessly behind on posts.  Life happens faster than blogging these days, but I wanted to capture a bit more of my last trip to Scandinavia.

Side note -To recap, I haven't been referencing the country/city directly, because I'd like to keep my blog from popping up if my local co-workers search on those terms when planning their trips.  I don't write about work, so it wouldn't really be an issue if they did, but it's just as well that I don't need to worry about my boss worrying how I'm getting my work done if the boys are sick or something.  Although I suppose that probably wouldn't be an issue because he mostly tells me not to work as much.  And I think it would actually be fun for my northern colleagues to read what I've experience of their country and comment. Anyway. 

My path from train station to hotel takes me past the Palace, so it's almost always the first thing I take a picture of when I arrive.  This is 4pm, about 40 minutes after sunset on the 1st of December.  I'm not sure why there is that semicircular streak in the sky - probably some kind of reflection with my camera.

Later in the evening:

It was nice to see the city all lit up with Christmas decorations. I'd still like to see the real Northern Lights some day, but that takes luck, as well as being even further north.

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Bob said...

The Christmas decorations are different. more tranquil.