Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fuzzy Friends

Buster made several wistful comments about how Mommy has a big octopus and a big jellyfish, and he has a little octopus and wouldn't it be nice if he had a little jellyfish too?  So it only seemed appropriate for a little jellyfish to arrive for Christmas. We also acquired a new little octopus, because the one we got him last year is becoming a hygiene risk.  We took a family photograph and allowed the much loved octopus to retire and get some rest.

The micro dude hugged his new friends and said, "This is all I ever wanted."


mayberry said...

So. cute. I love his sly little smile in the top pic!

Stimey said...

New octopus vs. old octopus is quite a difference. And good for him for being content with just his new little family. Love it.